Welcome to the Class of 2k8!

Introducing a host of fresh voices -- the class of 2008 and their debut middle-grade and YA novels.



Anonymous said…
Thanks again for sharing another great site.

I keep hoping you'll lace your blog with personal tidbits of your life. When I come across a writer's blog that talks about the weather even, I'm charmed. I wonder what she cooked for a meal that day, did she visit the local library, does she knit, what her child(ren) said to her, did she take her Christmas decorations down, what kind of restaurant did she go to. I enjoyed your account of your summer trip.

Faithful reader
PJ Hoover said…
Thanks for the 2k8 mention! We're so looking forward to the year :)
M.P. Barker said…
Thanks for mentioning 2k8!

Barrie said…
Another 2k8er stopping by to say thanks for the mention. :)
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, Y2k8ers! Looking forward with joy to reading your feast. And anonymous, thanks for the comment, I strive for a balance between personal, promotional, professional, and publicizing other authors and their books. Keep after me if I err too much to one or the other.