This Is Not Your Auntie's Novel

According to this fascinating article about new Indian writers, the English language book market in the motherland seems to be blossoming nicely. These next-gen storytellers are challenging old models of the "Indian" novel, renouncing both the ample girth of the spine and the heavy emotional tone. Nilanjana Roy, a lit critic based in Delhi, rejoices over these new voices:
"I'm delighted to see that today's authors, at long last, are writing out of a sense of freedom, that they’re doing exactly as they please. They can live in India and write about Bulgaria. They can write about their own world, and which Bob Dylan and jazz are just as prominent as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Bollywood songs. All these things form a part of our lives, so why should we allow ourselves to be forced into a corset by telling only certain stories? India has more than one story."


Cheryl said…
It had to happen, I guess--some of the situations in the first wave of lit fic novels were becoming cliche. What do you think of Chetan Bhagat's sales figures? Amazing to a small press type like me!
Very nice blog here. Congrats on the launch!
Mitali Perkins said…
Hey, Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by. I went to your site and read about your book. All best wishes on the launch of it!