First Daughter 2 Book Trailer / Take Two

Here's a teaser for First Daughter: White House Rules, my novel from Dutton releasing January 24, 2008. Do you like it better than the first one?


That is fantastic, Mitali!! Much better than the first one! Did you use iMovie 08 for this? I just did one for my new book (accessed via my blog) with iMovie but I couldn't figure out how to get the titles to transition in like that.

Congrats! I'll spread the word for ya!

Barrie said…
I didn't see the first one. But love this one! The book looks great too!
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks for your encouragement! I used iMovie HD, but the hardest part was finding clips and stills and music in the public domain. For that, I used and And for the free music, I used It's not professional, but it was fun to make. I love fiddling around with my Mac, and I got Jaguar OS for Christmas, which rocks.
Thanks for the info, Mitali. I just did one myself:

They ARE fun to do. I wish I'd had your sources when I started - I ended up paying for the music.

Jaguar? Gimme, gimme. (Yes, Mitali, I am a member of the Geeky Sisters Club of America with you.)
Mitali - I corrected the link on my blog.