Jen Robinson's Growing Bookworms

If you're a parent or educator who cares about raising readers, why not subscribe to the content-filled, easy-to-read Growing Bookworms Newsletter put out by Jen Robinson? Each issue is a handy aggregation of information and reviews to "help you inspire the children in your life to love books." Now there's a worthwhile mission statement if I've ever heard one.


Jen Robinson said…
Thanks so much for mentioning my newsletter, Mitali! I really appreciate it. The bookworm looks good on your site, too. I know that "inspiring the children in your life to love books" is a mission that a lot of people have - hopefully I can reach some of those people, and help them with this important cause. Thanks again!
Mitali Perkins said…
My pleasure, Jen. I admire how you're always trying new things.