Is It Sequel Review Syndrome?

Ready for a writer's whine? First Daughter: White House Rules, the follow-up novel to First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover (June 2007), releases next month.

At least I think it does.

To date, there have been no reviews of the second book anywhere, not in Kirkus, PW, SLJ, or any other pre-publication sources. Wait -- my friend Pooja Makhijani asked for a review copy to feature the book in our beloved Kahani magazine, but other than that, zilch. Okay, I haven't been out there yelling and picketing about the book like I did for the first one. But still.

I can see now how fortunate I've been with reviews, and taken them hideously for granted, so now I'm holding out a writer's empty rice bowl. If anybody wants a galley for review purposes, please let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Here's the blurb from Dutton:
This First Daughter makes her own rules.

Last year, Sameera started a blog and helped her father win an election. Now she’s unpacking boxes and exploring her new house. The White House.

Between re-decorating Camp David and learning to waltz at State Dinners, being a First Daughter has lots of perks. But life in the White House may not turn out to be a fairy tale. The guy Sameera fell for on the campaign trail mysteriously stopped calling after her dad became Commander-in-Chief. And while her blog is popular, Sameera is struggling to find something real to write about. Her critics scoff that a pampered First Daughter knows nothing about real life. Cooped up in the Big House, under the watchful eyes of her tutor, the Secret Service, and a pack of paparazzi, Sameera thinks her critics might be right.

It’s time, she decides, to break out of the First Daughter bubble. Sameera just needs an escape plan – and a disguise – to shake things up. As it turns out, to make a fairy tale come true, a girl’s got to be willing to break a few rules . . .


Pooja said…
I was always under the impression that sequels were *more* likely to be reviewed. One learns something new every day!

I know Kahani isn't Kirkus, but we did like WHITE HOUSE RULES :). I am waiting for the third book in this satisfying series.
Sherry said…
I'd love to read and review it, Mitali.
gail said…
Mitali--This happened with my last book, which was the first in a series. I finally did end up with four print reviews, one of them four months after publication. (I actually think it's good to have reviews come well after publication. It reminds readers the book exists and extends the window of opportunity for publicity.)

My editors have been saying for quite some time that reviews are slower and slower to come in. I think it's because the journals are overwhelmed by books to review. In my case, we also wondered if there wasn't a big lack of interest in the age group I was writing for. (Lower grades, early chapter book.)

I'm not feeling very hopeful about attention for the second book next summer.
Mitali Perkins said…
Good point, Gail, now I'm bullish for a bit of post-pub buzz. We need more honest review sources, another case for bloggers like you who give us positives and negatives about books. And Sherry, too. I'll have a book sent to you ASAP!
Aline Pereira said…
I thought we would have received a galley/copy by now, but we haven't... Could you kindly send us one? We would love to review it.

May the lights shine on you and your book(s) in 2008!
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks so much, Aline. I'll let Dutton know!
literary safari said…
I'd love a review copy as well, Mitali. I'll be away for a few weeks, but hope to read/review in late Jan.
teenbookreview said…
I haven't been able to get the first book in the series yet, but if this one stands on its own I'd love to read and review it--sounds like a lot of fun.
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, everybody! Books are on their way.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mitali,
How many total books are in the Sparrow series?
Mitali Perkins said…
Two, so I suppose it's not really a series but one book with a sequel. Thanks for asking!