The Saturday Song Sung Blue Meme

What next? Now that cheeky MotherReader wants me to dish about the top 100 songs played on the radio the year I graduated from high school. Since I'm obviously the geezer around here, I'm cashing in on my seniority and changing the rules. Here are five songs from twelfth grade still getting air time on my iPod in 2007:
  • The Rose, Bette Midler
  • Cruisin', Smokey Robinson
  • Let My Love Open The Door, Pete Townshend
  • One Fine Day, Carole King
  • Refugee, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Now, without going to the website, see if you can guess the year. And if you get it wrong, consider yourself tagged.


MotherReader said…
Changing the meme. Why didn't I think of that? Let me guess...ah, just missed it. But I've already played so I can't be tagged. Hah.
Susan said…

That's the year I remember Cruisin' (great song).
Mitali Perkins said…
Nothing like driving along with the windows down and singing along while Smokey croons on the radio. Good guess, Susan.
Elaine Magliaro said…

You think you're the geezer of the kidlitosphere? Think again. I graduated from high school in 1964! That's the year the Beatles came to town.
Mitali Perkins said…
Okay, Elder Elaine, I seek your wisdom.