Cornucopia Of Columns

That old stereotype about kids and books in Seattle turns out to be true. Tegan Tigani, owner of Queen Anne Books, an indie bookstore, started Children's Books That Don't Make You Hurl. Seattle-based blogger Els Kushner landed a new gig, reviewing books as Librarian Mom over at Scholastic blog central. She joins an impressive roster of Mom bloggers, including Grade School Mom, Preschool Mom, Middle School Mom, Grandmom, Crafty Mom, and News to Use Mom.


bookbk said…
Thanks for the link, Mitali! I have to admit that, having just moved to Vancouver BC, I can't claim to be an actual Seattleite any more. But I did live there for the last 17 years, which I guess is long enough to give me honorary Seattle bragging rights for the rest of my life ;-)

I'm really glad you linked to the other Scholastic parenting bloggers, too--I've been having fun reading their blogs.
I got to meet Els right before she left Seattle. How unfair is that? But I did get to meet up with her in Vancouver this weekend.