Can U Bhangra Like Kashif?

Can't wait to watch my kaboodle of librarians and blogger buddies dance like this guy:

If you can't make it to the party, we'll upload a video of our own to YouTube for your enjoyment.


Pooja said…
Aiyo, Mitali! Don't use this clip as an example of "bhangra" for all your non-desi partiers. (It's not even bhangra, just some Bolly-mishmash.) Here are some better links.
Mitali Perkins said…
Pooja, are you coming to D.C.? Scroll down to see a better clip, BTW. Kashif's version of bollywood dancing is probably more like my own moves, so I wanted to lower the expectations bar.
Pooja said…
I can't come to DC, but expect you to post some YouTube footage after your sure-to-be-FAB-ulous event.

Kashif moves are good enough for America's Got Talent, but show the librarians at ALA the real stuff ;).
Liz B said…
Any video of me will be in the "Librarians With No Talent" contest. Or, "what happens when people don't know their left from their right."

But I am so looking forward to this!!