Book Trailer: Take Two

Get the YouTube version here.


Julia said...

Hi Mitali,
You came to my classroom before, at bowen school. I really want to get your new book, First Daughter. I think you are a GREAT storyteller.

Julia Wu

Mitali Perkins said...

Thank you so much, Julia, for stopping by the Fire Escape with such wonderful words of encouragement! I had a great time at Bowen School.

annie said...

Got it now! Last time I missed the dancing with Bobby because I was slow on the sentence about her dad's geeks...the new phrasing (clumping) helped me. Gotta look out for us slow (computer screen) readers.
I like it. And yes, I want to read the book! I have some catch up to do with reading your other books, too. Best wishes with this new one. annie

annie said...

I just checked the first trailer again. Maybe it wasn't a change in the "geek" sentence, but maybe there's a longer pause on the Bobby sentence. Anyway, today I was able to get it all. Maybe it's just a better day for me? Ah, well.