Book Trailer: Take One

After following a link from Galleycat yesterday to this post about creating book trailers, I decided to play around in iMovie and see what I could do for First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover. Here goes (all feedback greatly appreciated, you can see a re-tooled version over at Sparrow's blog):

Trailer budget: $0
Knowledge of iMovie before yesterday: nil
Time spent: 6-8 hours while kids were at school
Galleycat link: priceless

Intangibles you might gain if you try this: major leap in respect for trailer storytellers; humility if the video you, a writer by profession, upload contains a major typo (you can still see mine on the Galleycat site's video; I fixed it here after a kind viewer pointed it out.)

Note: permission pending from Emi April Music for 1-time use of 2 minutes of Ms. Key's song.


Mitali - it's AWESOME! You totally rock, you geek, you!

Great job....
Claudia said…

Galleycat featured your trailer. I liked it, but the transitions were a bit slow and the small number of pictures highlighted that.

An interesting alternative would be a trailer that has Sparrow speaking the text. The voice would be faster and could hint at her personality. You know what they say about teen attention spans. One trailer could be this "intro" and another an excerpt from the book. Good luck!
readergirlz said…
Awesome, Mitali! I'm eager to read your work and try to make my own trailer!
Lorie Ann, readergirlz diva
annie said…
I like it. I'm impressed, but since you asked, I do have some questions. Remember, I've been out a long time and not in you all's "culture" so take my questions with a grain of salt. I may be way out there.

I know I am a slow reader on computer screens but the sentence about the geeks went way too fast for me. I like how some of the sentences were typed out. If that's too slow for that sentence, perhaps chunks of text could appear.

I am wondering who is the referent in the question "will he see...?" It seemed to pop out of the blue or maybe it's a universal teen question. Not having read the book I wonder if there is a disconnect between the song and the content or is the plot about her finding a boyfriend.
Overall, I like it. I like the build-up of "the typical American girl" going for the White House.
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks for all the suggestions. My main goal was to show what a complete novice (I had NO idea how to use iMovie before yesterday) could do on a budget of 0 dollars and about six to eight hours of time. I learned a lot -- mostly that I'm no professional and that telling stories via video is totally different than in the luxurious venue of a novel. Keep the suggestions coming, though.
Mitali Perkins said…
... and does it make you want to read the book? Or not?
Gorgeous! Let's talk about my featuring this at SCBWI National. :)
Erin said…
I love it! Just the right length and feel, and definitely makes me want to read the book.
bombaygirl said…
Sorry...typos just jump off the page/screen at me. The word "farm" is spelled wrong...(my grandparents' dairy farm)

Otherwise, nice, but a bit slow. Also, music won't appeal to teens.
Mitali Perkins said…
Yep. Someone else caught the typo, too. Humiliating. I hate them, too. I fixed it.