First Daughter #2 Cover: Weigh in!

You voted for the title, and we went with your choice: First Daughter: White House Rules (January 2008, Dutton). Now we're in the process of finalizing a cover, and would love to hear your opinion on two works-in-progress. Please use the poll below to pick the one you like and if you have time, leave a comment about your choice.

Eerie discoveries: my editor recently informed me that the cover girl's name is Mitali. Okay, it's a somewhat common Bengali name, but it's not a Jennifer or Emily or Emma, and it means she's not just South Asian, but from the same part of India as me. Second, the cover Mitali's adopted, just like Sparrow -- now what are the odds of that?

Which Cover?

Sparrow in Green
Sparrow in Red

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FYI, here's Sherry Early's Semicolon review of Sparrow's first book, and Jen Robinson's thoughts.


Jen Robinson said…
I voted for Sparrow in red. Seems more authentic, and I like her expression better, too.

Also, I just tagged you for the latest meme. Of course you can ignore it if you're busy, but I thought that you or Sparrow might wish to respond.
Camille said…
I've tagged you too, if you have time. You've been double tagged!
TadMack said…
Oh, wow! This is a hard choice! I am in the process of making my own, and I'd be proud to have two such cool covers to choose between!

I really like her hair in the green, but I like her blouse and her legs and the way she's holding her chin in the red... sooo... Red. I think.

I'm sure that was lots of help!
Kelly said…
Like Tadmack, I left a complicated response over at the poll:

I like the red shirt better and I like seeing her leg in the back. Seems more authentic.

But, I like the teenagery expression in the green and her hair. And I like the computer better.

The model is beautiful! Funny her name is the same is yours. She's so adorable :)
HipWriterMama said…
I'm going against everyone else. I really like the green. Love the model's expression, hair, attitude. And the green plays beautifully against her skin and red of the title. The model looks like she loves what she's wearing, she's confident and it shows in the picture. I would pick this book up because the model pops out in this cover. She's absolutely beautiful.

Minor point, the cleavage showing too much?

Red is one of my favorite colors. Personally, I think too much red takes away from everything. I like the red top--perhaps you can find it in a green?
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks for all the votes and input -- really, really helpful. And she is so beautiful, isn't she?

I'm hoping that Random House will re-issue Monsoon Summer with a new cover because even though the art is lovely, I can't get my son's comment out of my head: "Mom, this is bad, this is terrible," he said when I showed him the book for the first time. "They put Michael Jackson on the cover of your book."

Now, of course, MJ is all I see there.
anonybrown said…
im sorry, but i have to say i dont like either seems to obvious of you know what i mean? i loved your re-issued cover of the sunita experiement. it was very cute, and i liked it a lot!

maybe you could try a different cover, mixing in the girl in green but opauque....or maybe keep the white house opaque, and have the girl with a laptop sitting on top of it or something! I have all these ideas, but they're kind of hard to explain.
annie said…
I'm late seeing this and commenting, but I don't like either outfit. The pose is okay, but I feel the green top is too revealing and the red top is too ethnic. Perhaps those are the styles of the day, but why date it?
Can't wait to read it either way!