Results on Talking Books Poll

Remember when I asked if you wrote or talked freely about books you haven't read? Well, 23 of you voted, and here are the results:

Do You ...
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1. feel free to chat/write about what you've heard even if you haven't read the book? 7 30%
2. buy or borrow it, skim it, read reviews, then enter the fray? 10 43%
3. keep mum until you've read it from cover to cover? 6 26%

As for me, as long as I'm admitting I haven't read a book, I'll share what I've heard and from whom -- but only if it's positive and I trust the source. If what I've heard is negative, I'll read the book before weighing in. But I think it's important to have all three different kinds of bloggers in the kid lit world, don't you? BTW, I still need help picking a title for my next novel, so please head over to Sparrow's Election '08 blog and vote, vote, vote.


Kelly said…
Hi Mitali:

I could read the percentages on JacketFlap, but they're cut off here.

I'm with you exactly on weighing in on books. Heading over to vote at Sparrow (love her posts by the way!)