Comics Can Change The World

Manga has familiarized Americans with Japanese culture much more than any official effort by the Japanese Embassy. Now the Arab world has a chance to do the same. The Christian Science Monitor reports on a new comic book series featuring Arab heroes:
Since October, youngsters throughout the Middle East have been discovering the legend of the Noor Stones in a new monthly comic book called "The 99." The series is inspired by Islamic culture and history – the title refers to the 99 names and traits attributed to God in the Koran – and aims to spread a universal message of teamwork along with plenty of action, adventure, and "kapow!"
Find out more or order your own copy of The 99 at Teshkeel Comics.


eisha said…
Ooh, these look awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. And I love the new look, BTW!
jules said…
Wow, they do look great. Thanks for the info.