The Four Faces Of Sunita

My first book has been around now for years, which means the cover's been renovated for a new generation -- and now a new culture -- of readers. Try matching the covers to the edition (the first one's a bit facile, but I just got my copies in the mail so I'm too excited to care.)
  1. French edition, 2007.
  2. Little Brown reissue, 2005.
  3. Hyperion paperback, 1994.
  4. Little Brown original, 1993.


bookbk said…
I'll guess:

In order: 4, 1, 2, 3.

(2) is easy because I just got it for my library!
alvina said…
I know the answer so I won't guess, but wanted to comment that I never realized how similar the colors of the bottom two covers are!
anonybrown said…
the first book (hyperion paperback) is really simple. when i look at it i'm reminded of the eighties/nineties?. which i never experienced, just through full house, and the cosby show.
i can only relate to the little brown re-issue. that was a pretty snazzy cover.