Fly, My Naima, Fly!

Publicity guru Donna Spurlock of Charlesbridge informs me that my beloved Naima's story (pronounced "Na-ee-mah's Stow-ree"), Rickshaw Girl, is getting a nice review in the April issue of School Library Journal. Good thing, as I'm partially responsible for the lead article in the next issue of SLJ's Curriculum Connections, which also comes out in April. And, according to an authoritative source, the book apparently gets a good review in the May/June issue of the Horn Book Magazine, too. Hooray for Naima!


Liz B said…
LOL on the pronunciation guide, because I am so bad at pronouncing words.

Yesterday I said "Paterson" wrong. And for years I butchered both Novel and Khakis. As a matter of fact, I avoid those words in conversation whenever possible.

Great to hear that such good reviews are coming in!
HipWriterMama said…
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HipWriterMama said…
Congratulations Mital! I'm hoping to read your book sounds great.