Poetry Friday: Otherwise

Note the time of this post (12:49 a.m.) as I struggle to complete my revision of First Daughter: White House Rules (sequel to book one in a YA series from Dutton, First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, which, thank heavens, is done and off to the presses.) When I'm under the dark cloud of pressure like this, I turn to Jane Kenyon's wise, graceful words for solace, and my favorite perspective-inducing poem is Otherwise. Enjoy, and join me in giving thanks for two strong legs, sweet milk, the work we love, silver candlesticks, and a bed in a room with paintings on the walls. For Ms. Kenyon, it is otherwise now, but I'm convinced she's still writing poems there.


Mary Lee said…
Perspective-inducing. What a perfect way to encapsulate Kenyon's poem!
jules said…
Ah yes, we must be psychic brain twins (to borrow Lisa Graff's words from this week). As I mentioned on our site once I read your message, I'm honored to be your psychic brain twin, of all people.

And your post is much, much lovelier than mine. As Mary Lee mentioned, you did Kenyon's poem up nice.

Good luck with the writing.
Liz in Ink said…
Jane Kenyon has always been one of my most adored and oh, you've given this such LOVELY context! Thank you!