Title Poll Results

Over the last three weeks, I ran a title mini-poll on the Fire Escape for my young adult novel coming from Random House in 2008. Forty-one people chose between three possibilities without knowing anything about the subject matter of the book, and here are the results:

Answers Votes Percent
Asha Means Hope 20 49%
The Secret Keeper 16 39%
Family Secrets 5 12%

I've now eliminated Family Secrets, with apologies to the five who liked it (maybe one of you should write that book.) I'm toying with the idea of a series, with a first novel titled The Secret Keeper: Asha Means Hope, and the second one titled The Secret Keeper: Shanti Means Peace or something like that. But we'll see what happens. Anyway, thanks for voting! I was surprised by how many of you liked Asha Means Hope, and will pass that news on to my editor. There's still time, so feel free to opine if you're so moved ...


anonybrown said…
I'm sorry, but the secret keeper : asha means hope, as a title, wont work because they dont relate to each other.
i think asha means hope is the best title you've chosen :)
is that the name of the protagonist in the story?
Mitali Perkins said…
Yes, she's the main character. You really don't think it works as an overarching series name and a single title in the series?
Anonymous said…
My first thought was that a Secret Keeper is an important element in the Harry Potter books. Potential readers might think your book refers to HP somehow.