Friday, December 01, 2006

Poetry Friday: Phenomenal Woman

Since I'm saging these days at a rapid pace -- yes, that's saging, a much better word than "sagging" or "aging"-- I present "Phenomenal Woman" by now-78-year-old Maya Angelou. Here's a snippet: "I'm a woman / Phenomenally / Phenomenal woman / That's me."


  1. Anonymous2:10 AM

    i was just reading cuba 15 and they referenced that, and when i saw it right now it reminded me!
    its a perfect poem, for any age and time. its a great message too, especially for those teens right now that feel that they have to starve themselves to be pretty. :(
    im always sad when i hear things like that.

  2. Thanks for sharing this poem. It gives those of us "of a certain age" the sense of some cohones.

    Funny, though, every time I check out your blog (Which I enjoy very much, BTW) since you posted it, my brain wants to read it as Post Menopausal Woman.

  3. Me, too, anonybrown. I remember seeing hungry teens in the slums of Kolkata desperate for a good meal and feeling dazed that in wealthy America, their peers were starving, too. Their bodies, separated by money and distance, resembled each other eerily.

  4. barbjn, sorry if I've accelerated your saging process, I'm not at that stage of life yet, so why am I going on and on sounding like I am? Weird.

  5. i love this poem, mitali. do you have the sundance channel? if so, you will love the most recent episode of ICONOCLASTS. i happened to have watched it on friday and just blogged about it yesterday!

  6. Sandhya, I loved your blog entry and the way your describe Chappelle's face when he listens to Angelou. Good for him! And good for Sundance, too, for this simple but delightful innovation of combining famous people.

    As usual, though, I checked out the site and note that there aren't any Asian or Hispanic iconoclasts on their list, nor any interracial mixes before telling myself to chill out, the six combos of people are quite interesting. I'm curious about "One Punk Under God" as well. Interesting stuff.

  7. Anonymous10:47 AM

    That poem always gets me. She was the speaker at my college graduation, and that phrase "phenomenal woman" (or women) gets bandied about amongst classmates - how phenomenal we are. Thanks for the flashback.