R U Published? "Yes!" Says The Class of 2k7

The Fire Escape is delighted to introduce the Class of 2k7, a group of 37 first-time children's and YA authors from 21 states and D.C. with debut books from different publishers coming out in 2007. Welcome, 2k7-ers, to the hard-earned but delightful place of nodding when the inevitable question comes after you introduce yourself as a writer. Let me know if there are any books between cultures on your list, and I'm looking forward to checking out your blog, too.


Rose Kent said…
Thanks, Mitali, for giving us 2k7ers a shout-out! It's a thrill to join the "writer club"...

Rose Kent
stephhale said…

Thanks for the mention on the fire escape! I love the vibrant colors on your website! :)

Stephanie Hale
tem2 said…
Hi, Mitali! The Class of 2k7 have arrived!

Rose Kent's book, KIMCHI AND CALAMARI, is a cross-cultural book you might be especially interested in. Sure there are others.

--Greg R. Fishbone
THE PENGUINS OF DOOM (Blooming Tree Press, 07/07/07)
Mitali Perkins said…
Don't worry, it's not just the "cross-cultural" ones I'm looking forward to reading -- I've already read and loved "Tall Tales" by Karen Day, and can't wait to peruse many, many of your books. There's something amazing about a first book -- it's sort of like a first kiss.
Rebecca Stead said…
Hi Mitali:

Thanks for introducing us to your excellent readers!!

(and I hope you'll be at KW again in January!)