The Between Cultures Bandwagon

Two of my favorite WASP authors have just released novels exploring a between-cultures motif: John Updike (Terrorist, current Amazon sales rank: #17) and Anne Tyler (Digging To America, current Amazon sales rank: #39). Frequent vistors to the fire escape know that I advocate a liberal position on who can write what for and about whom. Others, however, have been critical of the so-called cultural "risk" these writers might be taking. Has anyone read either of these books? I'd love to hear your take as I'm too busy trying to meet a deadline to read much (which means I'm miserable, uptight, and going through other painful symptoms of addiction withdrawal.)


Pooja said…
I haven't read The Terrorist (and don't plan to), but here are some thoughts from writers I really admire:

Laila Lalami/Moorish Girl

Amitav Ghosh (I know your thoughts on Ghosh, so maybe we won't agree here!)

However, I am very interested in reading Digging to America. Anne Tyler is one of my favorite writers.

Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, Pooja, these reviews are exactly what I was hoping to find. Hey, Ghosh is a wonderful writer -- that's why I was so taken aback at the SAWCC conference by that one statement he made. I'll take Digging To America with me on my holiday this summer and let's compare notes. Keep me posted on your life off-blog, like a good younger sister should.