Voices Of The Immigrant Experience

Has anyone read Kids Like Me by Judith Blohm and Terry Lapinsky (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, March 15, 2006)? It sounds fascinating, but I'd love to find out what teen readers think about it:
Twenty-six personal narratives celebrate the experience of young people making a new home in a strange community—finding common ground as they make new friends, learn a different language, and share their unique cultural identities ... While written to help youth understand their classmates and friends, Kids Like Me also includes discussion questions, self-directed activities and research ideas for teachers and families that can be used in classrooms, clubs and community settings. Richly illustrated with photos and maps of each home country, the text presents countless opportunities to explore and understand new cultures and new friends. Young people who have come from places all over the world share their stories and invite their new neighbors to see that in so many ways these kids are just like me.


krishnaa said…
You replied to me! *dies, but since it was a warm fuzzy, is resurrected*
I might borrow this from the library. Of course, I have so much work, but I would love to read this. Have you read Blue Jasmine? I think it's by Kashmira Seth, but I'm not sure. But there other books in that series--about immigrants and their struggles before and/or after coming to the US. Some are memoirs, too, or based on the authors' lives.
But thanks for the heads-up! :)
My livejournal is krishnaa.livejournal.com. Are you registered in livejournal? Because I have it friends-only, to keep monkeys that can type away. (Not that I don't like monkeys--okay, sometimes--but their ideas of conversations aren't very stimulating.) I suggest joining, especially since there are so many YA authors there.
Anonymous said…
Can you suggest any other sites to look at where young people are discussing the "immigrant experience"? I'd be interested in checking them out, not necessarily just teens but 20's and 30's as well. Thanks.
Pooja said…
Anon, are you South Asian? If so, I'd suggest you check out SepiaMutiny.com.
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, Pooja. I love that site. Also interesting is Mixed Media Watch for bicultural/multiracial young adults. And Hyphen Magazine for Asian Americans in general.