Rhode Island 2007 Teen Book Nominees

The wonderful librarians of Rhode Island have just published their list of nominees for the 2007 Teen Book Award, and Monsoon Summer made the list. I'm thrilled, of course! As a between-cultures postscript: just as in Scholastic's list of best Asian-American reads and Read Across America suggestions, where I am cited as "Mitala Perkins," my unfamiliar first name is mispelled on Rhode Island's list as "Matali." Would you let it go if this happened to you (a lot)?


Pooja said…
NO! Ask them to correct it. I get "Poojah" a lot; god knows why.
Jean Canosa Albano said…
Heck no! I have a hyphenated last name and I get all kinds of crazy versions of it.

But librarians (being one myself) should WELCOME the correction-it will help them and library users find your books in the catalog when people see the list and get excited about reading your book!

Mitali Perkins said…
Okay, I emailed the Rhode Island people, who responded immediately and apologetically, obviously grateful to be corrected. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!