Writing May Be Hazardous To Your Health

It's the ides of February, and I worked out today for the first time in 2006. January was consumed by an intense revision of the first book in the Sparrowblog Series, which I sent to Dutton yesterday. Thankfully, my husband scheduled his two-week pastoral study leave in January, as I don't think being married to a disembodied imagination ranks high on his list of romantic fantasies. One of my professional goals is to prevent my body from falling apart when my brain, soul, and heart are sucked into the writing flow. Any ideas or inspiration to share?


Carl, your bro-in-law said…
Here's a thought, Mitali. Get a treadmill, if you don't have one already, set it up in the basement and outfit it so you can put your notebook computer on it and slowly, very slowly, work and walk. I've read recently about the health benefits of this--apparently it really revs your metabolism and contributes to health and weight loss. Just a thought from Carl!