Feast and Famine

I've got no books coming out in 2006 (apart from the paperback of Monsoon Summer), and then in 2007, Charlesbridge is releasing Rickshaw Girl (middle grade), and Dutton is releasing both YA novels about Sparrow. I just spoke with Francoise Bui of Random House, and she was wondering if we could release Asha Means Hope (YA) during the summer of 2007 instead of in 2008. FOUR books in 2007? What does that mean for reviews, publicity, etc.? I have no idea. All input much appreciated.


Pooja said…
It means you are going to be on the road a lot! I am sure you will figure out creative ways to link all the books in the minds of the buying/interested public. (Although, you'll need to ask all your respective publicists about joint promotions--I've heard from other writer friends that publishers can be finicky about what books are being promoted with their marketing dollars.)

Anyways, can't wait for ASHA MEANS HOPE. Make sure you put me on all your review copy lists!