Lowell Visits Day No. 2

Last Friday I was in Lowell again with the Concord Festival of Authors, this time at the Robinson Middle School. After presenting to several classes of wonderfully diverse and hospitable students (Kenyans, Puerto Ricans, Cambodians, and more), I had lunch with six aspiring writers, the Principal, and the school's Instructional Specialist, Stefanie Lowe. Pizza again! What a splurge! Next, I walked through cobblestone streets and discovered an Italian bakery/coffeeshop, wrote for several hours, and then made my way to the newly renovated Pollard Memorial Library for presentation no. 4. If you're a library addict, like me, this beautiful public edifice is definitely worth a visit. Lowell itself, with a 200-year-plus track record of welcoming immigrants, is an "off-the-beaten-track" gem in Massachusetts. Thank you, Rob Mitchell of the Concord Festival, for hosting me, and thank you, Lowell, Massachusetts!


shaanika said…
this question is really off-topic, but how do you live in a multi-divere household? as in small things that would have been for granted in a same-same marraige but arent there in yours?
Mitali Perkins said…
Communication. Compromise. Change. It's hard work, but as with any "between cultures" adventure, you have to be thoughtful and proactive about what to acquire on this shared journey instead of traveling mindlessly, on auto-pilot.