Per Capita School Librarian

Before you move into a neighborhood, ask these two questions: Do all the schools in town have their own librarians? Does the community employ more school librarians this year than they did five years ago?

I just got back from presenting and signing books in Pittsburgh, where four thousand librarians are attending the AASL's National Convention. Our school district recently eliminated several school librarian positions — a warning sign, perhaps, that a once-forward-thinking community is beginning to decline. Our elementary school librarian now runs back and forth between two schools.

Get this through your heads, people — school librarians are not expendable book stampers and shelve organizers. The majority are talented, inspiring educators involved in the teaching of every discipline, including cutting-edge technology, and in integrating them for students of many capabilities. So fugeddaboud "location, location, location." Here's the new mantra for the savvy real estate broker: "Librarian, librarian, librarian."


Sarah Louise said…
Thanks for this, Mitali. I am always in awe of School Librarians (or Media Specialists). And yes, authors need to realize that libraries are the main purchasers of your hardcover childrens books. We are the ones that handsell reading and if we know who you are, it makes it that much easier to recommend your books.