Tuesday, September 20, 2005

South Asian Festivals

Two upcoming events of note: the South Asian Literary Theater and Arts Festival in Washington D.C., scheduled for October 1-2, 2005 (it's free!), and Kriti, an exciting conference sponsored by DesiLit November 10-13, 2005 in Chicago. Children's authors at these events include Uma Krishnaswami, Anjali Banerjee, and Pooja Makhijani. (I OD'ed on links today ... Enjoy!)


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Why won't you be there?

  2. The organizers of both events graciously extended invitations, but what with the two books I have to finish this fall and several other appearances, I couldn't squeeze either event into my calendar. Sounds glam and busy, doesn't it? I could also have said, "What with piles of laundry to be washed and countless meals to be made around here ..." I do have a pang about missing these great events, though, especially as I'd love to take the bhangra lesson they're offering in Chicago. I'm bhangra-challenged.