The Horror, The Horror

As another glorious summer begins to wane, I find myself asking (again): will a tropical transplant like me survive yet another frigid New England winter? Despite the fact that I stay warmer with insulation, I don't WANT to acquire another five pounds of avoirdupois this year. Any words of encouragement or fitness suggestions for a shivering immigrant who HATES to be cold? Please don't suggest skiiing as I'm balance-challenged, and, as a physical therapist buddy informed me, "ergnomically not designed for the sport."


Anonymous said…
As a California native, I also cringe as winter approaches. I cling to the last days of warmth and treasure the slower songs of the crickets and cicadas.

Here are my winter survival tactics:
* battery warmed gloves
* imaging that you are standing in the hot desert as the cold wind and snow surround you
* exercising like crazy. Find something you love and get hooked on it. I am addicted to the treadmill and spinning. Exercise increases your metabolism warming you up and burning calories at the same time.
* Remember that Crystal Lake reopens in only nine months!
Be of good cheer - winter is only one season of the year.
A fellow transplant