This Ain't News To Me

Alex Woodson of the Hollywood Reporter covered a recent marketing-to-teens conference:
Catherine Stellin, Vice President of marketing and trends at the research firm Youth Intelligence, said many young adults, maybe surprisingly to some, are overwhelmingly optimistic and aspire to the ideals of traditional family values. "Being sappy is not that bad," Stellin said. "Young adults particularly appreciate honesty and consistency."
As if this is new? Hey, I was thrilled when an adult reviewer of Monsoon Summer wrote that Jazz's "loving, altruistic, multiethnic family is a bit idealized." I write for teens.


Carol Cool said…
The teens I know desperately want a happy, loving family and ideals to hold on to. We kill their idealism way too early. I am far past the teen years, but I want stories that have happy endings because life has enough sadness. Why should have to live in it in my fiction too? I still want to believe that it will all turn out right in the end (and it will, won't it?! That's what God will do when he comes and sets it all right.)
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